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Our distinguished team under the direction and guidance of the Chairman/CEO delivers outstanding expertise and experience combined with the highest standards of discretion, professionalism and personal attention. Unlike in other Consultancy Agencies, the Chairman/CEO of IRC first meets with its clients from the time of Registration and supervise the whole process of restructuring by himself with the assistance of his team, some of whom are outsourced depending on the relevant expertise involved.

S. Winston Pathiraja - Chairman


With a career spanning 30 years,  Winston is recognized as a leading practitioner in the field of corporate turnaround and restructuring of sick Industries/Enterprises.  A former Civil Servant and Head of the Industrial Restructuring Unit of the Ministry of Industries of Sri Lanka over 10 years and is currently  the Chairman/CEO of the Industrial Restructuring Consultancy (Pvt.) Ltd. of Sri Lanka (IRC). His dealings have included  cases on behalf of major banks, Public and Private Sector Industries/Enterprises, Consultancy Firms, Labour and Legal Organizations, etc. As Chairman of the IRC, his core-function involves a three-pronged activity involving Investors both from Sri Lanka and abroad, Debtors of major State and Private Sector Banks (Sick Industrialists) and the transformed viable ventures restructured by the IRC.  Investors bring in investment under the strategic guidance and consultation  provided by the IRC in the form of  Joint-venture Partnerships, Mergers, Acquisitions, Conglomerates, Franchising, Licensing, Management Buy-outs,  Bailing-Out Exercises, etc. In addition he is involved in Taking over and Turn around  business entities with their active participation  that need an intensive restructuring process with a view to transforming them into viable ventures.

Winston is specifically recognized for his success in re-organizing and restructuring Companies. He is responsible for the success of many Companies  in the turnaround market in Sri Lanka .

He established IRC (Pvt.) Ltd. in order to concentrate on restructuring and   turnaround assignments where a significant hands-on involvement at board or senior management level is required by people with the necessary experience and skills to manage a sustainable recovery. Winston has obtained an International MBA from the University of Glasgow, UK specializing in restructuring of sick and incipient sick Industries/Enterprises in the Western and Asian Region. He is the Vice- President of the United Professionals Body in Sri Lanka..

S. Winston Pathiraja
International MBA (Glasgow) UK
Sri Lanka Administrative Service  {(Class I) (Formerly Civil Service of Sri Lanka)}
Retired Additional Secretary, Director (Productivity)  &
Head of Industrial Restructuring Unit (IRU)
Ministry of Industrial Development of Sri Lanka.

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