Tools to restructure & turnaround your business.

  • To undertake a thorough study of the cause and effect of the sick industry/enterprise using appropriate analysis, viz. SWOT, PEST, etc..

  • To embark on a revival process without additional input of resources;  by cutting down overheads, eliminating waste, promoting efficiency in procurement of raw materials; material management efficiency, etc, in order to generate an incremental profit;

  • To embark on financial restructuring  wherever appropriate;

  • To embark on formation of Joint-venture Partnerships; Mergers; Acquisitions; Bailing out Exercise; Franchising; Licensing; etc.

  • To embark on manpower rationalization through approved Voluntary Retirement Scheme (VRS);

  • To improve marketing strategies, etc.

  • To embark finally as a last resort on a Liquidation Process.
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