Though we might prefer otherwise, many of our assignments begin when a business is already in difficulties. Decline may occur over many years but it is always gathering momentum. As crisis looms, the pace is fast. The situation calls for immediate intervention, putting emergency finance in place to create time for a turnaround strategy to be developed.

IRC  Consultants bring together that emergency response and provide hands-on leadership to assist our clients through this tense and difficult period. Our vast experience can often help to quell the anxieties of key stakeholders - creditors, shareholders, customers, employees, etc., on the one hand and the sick and defunct Industrialist/Enterpriser, Entrepreneurs, Employers, etc. on the other - gaining vital time in which to engineer a return to profitability.

Rescue however is just one stage in the restructuring process and our expertise goes far beyond the immediate rescue requirement to the extent of helping the Country in which the above stakeholders are active participants to develop a vibrant economy and stand to enjoy the fruition arising from our magnificent  efforts, tremendous contribution and unstinted commitment.

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