Bailing-out Exercise:


Uni-walkers Packaging Industry, a well established and profit making Company suddenly fell sick due to mis-management and  lack of working capital -   IRC undertook  the task to turnaround Uni-Walkers,  utilizing its expertise along with the  active participation of Uni-Walkers,  and successfully negotiated with the  Edna Group of Companies, a low-profile Blue-chip Company,  to bail out Uni-Wakers Packaging Industry.   

Edna Group agreed  to advance the necessary working capital and in lieu took over its controlling shares to the tune of around 70 per cent  and the Management.

The raw material necessary for production was made readily available and new production targets introduced.   Today Uni-Walkers Packaging Industry is transformed into a viable venture generating a much better profit from its minor shareholding when compared to the period when it owned  100 per cent  shareholdings and incurring heavy losses. The paid up working capital  and the advanced settlement of Uni-walkers’ liabilities  were being recovered by Edna Group from the profits earned within one year of the change of Management – (August 2010)

Now two years have lapsed,  the Uni-Walkers Packaging Industry today  is a profit generating entity under  the holding company of Edna Group.  It is noteworthy to mention that  on the advice of the IRC (Pvt.) Ltd. no retrenchment of the workforce  has been effected whereas the labour is productively exploited with no additional recruitment  (Feb., 2012)

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